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  The Thunderbird Award  

The Thunderbird Award is an honored presentation which recognizes fundamental and continuing contributions to the art and science of weather modification.  The recipient is chosen by the Awards Committee, which is comprised of three previous recipients of the Thunderbird Award.  The Award is presented each year at the Annual Meeting.  The recipient receives a neck piece, and is required to add his or her own contribution to the Association's replica of the Northern Plains Indian Medicine Bundle, recounted by the late Marion Bruce to confer great rainmaking powers on the bearer. (Read the story)

Recipient Year Location
Robert D. Elliott 1973 Austin, Texas
Pierre St. Amand 1974 Huntington Beach, California
E.C. "Taffy" Bowen 1975 Santa Barbara, California
Bill Lang 1976 Los Angeles, California
Thomas J. Henderson 1977 Salt Lake City, Utah
Ray Jay Davis 1978 Tuscon, Arizona
Archie M. Kahan 1979 Reno, Nevada
Conard G. Keyes. Jr. 1980 Santa Barbara, California
Paul C. Summers 1981 Fort Collins, Colorado
Emilio Perez-Siliceo 1982 Fresno, California
Arnett S. Dennis 1983 Champaign, Illinois
Merlin C. Williams 1984 Bismarck, North Dakota
Keith J. Brown 1985 Monterey, California
Stanley A Changnon 1986 Arlington, Virginia
Arnold Court 1987 Albuquerque, New Mexico
John W. James 1988 Costa Mesa, California
Arlin Super 1989 Park City, Utah
Wallace E. Howell 1990 Sparks, Nevada
Harold D. Orville 1991 Ontario, California
William L. Woodley 1992 Denver, Colorado
Don A. Griffith 1993 Scottsdale, Arizona
Paul L. Smith 1995 Durango, Colorado
Robert Czys 1996 Monterey, California
James R. Miller, Jr. 1997 Las Vegas, Nevada
Bruce A. Boe 1998 Park City, Utah
Roger F. Reinking 1999 Banff, Alberta, Canada
William G. Finnegan 1999 Banff, Alberta, Canada
George W. Bomar 2000 Lubbock, Texas
Daniel Rosenfeld 2001 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Joseph A. Warburton 2002 Reno, Nevada
James H. Renick 2003 Rapid City, South Dakota
Mark Solak 2004 Fresno, California
Steve Chai 2005 Rockville, Maryland
Joseph Golden 2006 San Antonio, Texas
Terry Krauss 2007 San Francisco, California
Arlen Huggins 2008 Westminster, Colorado
Roland List 2008 Westminster, Colorado
Darin Langerud 2009 Anaheim, California
Byron L. Marler 2010

Santa Fe, New Mexico

James Heimbach 2011

Park City, Utah

Andrew Detwiler 2011

Park City, Utah

Roelof Bruintjes 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada
Tommy Shearrer (post-humously) 2013 San Antonio, Texas
Daniel Breed 2014 Reno, Nevada
Michael Poellot 2015 Fargo, Noth Dakota
Patrick Sweeney 2015 Fargo, North Dakota
Jack McPartland 2016 Long Beach, California

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