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Standards and Ethics

The Weather Modification Association has adopted a statement on standards and ethics in order to further the association's purposes, which include but are not limited to: Promoting research, development, understanding and application of weather modification for beneficial uses, and encouraging and promoting the highest standards of conduct in all weather modification activities. Read More.

Capabilities Statement

Brief capability statements regarding intentional weather modification by cloud seeding follow, summarizing the current state of the technology within its primary application categories. The summaries are limited to conventional seeding methods that are based on accepted physical principles. Read More.

Position Statement on the Environmental Impact of Using Silver Iodide as a Cloud Seeding Agent

The Weather Modification Association has adopted a statement on the environmental impact of using silver iodide as a cloud seeding agent.  This statement contains background information about silver iodide, how it is used in cloud seeding, and its overall environmental impact . Read More


Articles of Incorporation

The five purposes of the Weather Modification Association, set forth in the organization's by-laws are:

1. Promotion of research, development and understanding of weather modification (technology) for beneficial uses.

2. Encouraging and promoting the highest standards of conduct including certification of individual members qualified to execute field experiments of operations in weather modification.

3. Serving as a clearing house and dissemination agent for weather modification oriented literature and information.

4. Assuming an active role and maintaining a strong voice in the production and dissemination of policy statements concerning all aspects of weather modification.

5. Publishing, annually or more frequently, as the official organ of the Association, the JOURNAL OF WEATHER MODIFICATION containing scientific articles and reports about weather modification problems and activities, and accounts of Association business.

To view the WMA Articles of Incorporation,click here.

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