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Weather Modification Annual Meeting - Boise, Idaho: April 17-20, 2017


General Information

Boise is the capital and most populous city in the state of Idaho, in the northwest United States. The city is the 99th largest city in the United States. As of 2010, its population was 205,671.

Boise is the headquarters for several major companies, such as Boise Cascade LLC, Albertsons, J.R. Simplot Company, Idaho Pacific Lumber Company, Idaho Timber, WinCo Foods,, and Clearwater Analytics. Other major industries are headquartered in Boise or have large manufacturing facilities present. The state government is also one of the city's largest employers. The area's largest private, locally based, publicly traded employer is Micron Technology. Others include IDACORP, Inc., the parent company of Idaho Power, Idaho Bancorp, Boise, Inc., American Ecology Corp., and PCS Inc.

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Climate and Weather

Boise has a semi-arid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Boise experiences hot and dry summers with highs reaching 100 F (38 C) eight days in a typical year and 90 F (32 C) on 51 days. Yet because of the aridity, average diurnal temperature variation exceeds 30 F (17 C) in summer. Winters are moderately cold, with a December average of 30.7 F (-0.7 C), and lows falling to 0 F (-18 C) or below on around three nights per year. Snowfall averages 19 inches (48 cm), but typically falls in bouts of 3 inches (8 cm) or less. Spring and fall are mild. Autumn is brief; spring is gradual. Extremes have ranged from -28 F (-33 C) on January 16, 1888 to 111 F (44 C), as recently as July 19, 1960; temperatures have reached -25 F (-32 C) and 110 F (43 C) as recently as December 22, 1990 and June 28, 2015, respectively. Precipitation is usually infrequent and light, especially so during the summer months. It averages approximately 11 inches annually.

Tornadoes are rare in Ada County and the Boise area. Since 1950, only twelve (12) tornadoes have been documented within the county, and four of those were during the same storm on August 3, 2000, which is also the most recent date a tornado was documented in the area. None of the tornadoes have been ranked higher than an "F1" on the Fujita scale, and no injuries or fatalities were ever documented.

Things to do in Boise

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Airport and Transportation
Below is mileage and travel times (without traffic) from the airport to the the Grove Hotel according to Google Maps.

Boise Airport: 3.5 miles (15 minute travel time) from The Grove Hotel

The Grove hotel provides complimentary transportation for guests to and from the Boise Airport.

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