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  Weather Modification Association Annual Meeting Presentations  

During the annual meeting a number of presentations are given to futher educate and inform members what is occurring in the field of weather modification. After each meeting, the presentations will be posted here. This page will contain an archive of presentations from the previous five meetings.

Long Beach, California Annual Meeting -- 2016

All presentations are in PDF format.

Gilbert: Twenty Seasons of Airborne Hail Suppression in Alberta, Canada

Krauss: Examination of Radar Data for Seeding Effects in Alberta

Kucera: Radar Evaluation of the POLarmetric Cloud Analysis and Seeding Test (POLCAST) Field Program in Eastern North Dakota

Smith: On Observations of Maximum Hailstone Size

Busto: Overview of Colorado Activities

Breed: An Evaluation of Seeding Effectiveness in the Central Colorado Mountains River Basins Weather Modification Program

Hjermstad: Eleven Years of Partnership in Augmenting the Colorado River System

Pastore: Inventory and Assessment of Colorado Weather Modification Programs

Delene: Size Distribution Measurements of Seeding Nuclei

Cotton: Implications of Simulations of Aerosol Impacts on Winter-Season Long Orographics Precipitation to Cloud Seeding

Ruiz-Columbie: West Texas Mineral Dust Hydrophilicity and a Conceptual Models for Hygroscopic Seeding

Nelson: Operation Icy Wings

Yorty: Analysis of Ice Detector Observations at Mount Crested Butte, Colorado

DeFelice: Technical Advances in Unmanned Airborne Systems

Roos: The California Drought of 2012-2105 and Comparison to Past Droughts

Winslow: Overview of Sacramento Municipal Utility District's Snow Augmentation program in the American River Watershed over the Past 45 Years

Crease: The Santa Barbara Cloudy Seeding Program and Drought Briefing

Griffith: A Winter Cloud Seeding Program: Pacoima, Big Tujunga and San Gabriel Watersheds, California

Stone: Reversing Declining Snowpack Trends in the Southern Sierra

Fisher: AgI Targeting Assessment Using Snowpack Track Chemistry: Method Development and Results Summary

Walter: The History of Cloud Seeding in Arizona from a Salt River Project Perspective

McDonough: Highlights and Updates from the Desert Research Institute (DRI) Cloud Seeding Projects of 2016

Shourd: A Case Study and Model Comparison of a Seeded Snowstorm in the Northern Colorado Rockies

Cederle: New Wyoming Weather Modification Programs


Fargo, North Dakota Annual Meeting -- 2015

All presentations are in PDF format.

Breed: Evaluation of the Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Project (8.64 MB)

Geerts: A multi-sensor study of the impact of ground-based glaciogenic seeding on clouds and precipitation in the 2012-2013 AgI Seeding Cloud Impact Investigation (ASCII) (7.56 MB)

Chu: A case-study of radar observations and WRF LES simulations of the impact of ground-based glaciogenic seeding on shallow stratiform orographic clouds and precipitation (3.98 MB)

Geerts: The extra-area effect of orographic cloud seeding: observational evidence of precipitation enhancement downwind of the target mountain (4.07 MB)

Boe: Applications of acoustic ice nucleus counters in weather modification (3.12 MB)

Lawrence: The Wyoming Weather Modification Program: Life after the study (7.36 MB)

McDonough: Winter orographic cloud seeding in the Sierra Nevada and Colorado: Summary of operations and selected case studies (5.33 MB)

Kucera: Radar data analysis of the POLCAST experiment (2.13 MB)

Delene: Characterization of atmospheric aerosols during POLCAST (13.56 MB)

Starzec: WRF modeling in support of POLCAST and NDCMP cloud seeding operations (849 KB)

Axisa: Cloud modeling of POLCAST cases regarding DSD evolution (1.88 MB)

Kasparek: An overview of German and Austrian hail suppression programs (2.68 MB)

Gilbert: The Alberta Hail Suppression Project (8.55 MB)

Breed: Hail, health and high winds: Convective storms in western Kenya (3.6 MB)

Keeney: Bureau of Reclamation report on weather modification policy review (1.51 MB)

DeFelice: ASCE / EWRI Standards on Weather Modification (619 KB)

Langerud: NDARB / UND weather modification pilot intern program (2.08 MB)

Ryan: Colorado River collaboration (2.67 MB)

Detwiler: The A-10 Storm Penetration Aircraft (2.92 MB)

T. Nelson: Utilizing TITAN to model hail size to aid in mission guidance for the future storm penetration A-10 aircraft (3.88 MB)

Moen: Pilot-Aircraft Record-keeping System (4.92 MB)

Pokharel: A multi-sensor case study on the impact of ground-based glaciogenic seeding on orographic clouds and precipitation over a mountain in Wyoming: the 3 March 2012 case (4.37 MB)

Blestrud: A field campaign to verify high resolution modeling with snow sampling: Payette River Basin (2 MB)

M. Nelson: Profiling microwave radiometer measurements over the Vail/Beaver Creek, Colorado target areas (4.98 MB)


Reno, Nevada Annual Meeting -- 2014

All presentations are in PDF format.

Tilley: An Overview of the Desert Research Institute and its Cloud Seeding Program (6.94 MB)

Tessendorf: A Real Time Cloud Seeding Guidance System based on the WRF Model: System refinements and new results

DeFelice Aerosols - An Overview of their Role in Cloud Seeding Activities (2.66 MB)

DetwilerAn Example of Seeding a Supercellular Storm for Hail Damage Mitigation (10 MB)

GilbertThe Alberta Hail Suppression Program – An Operational Update (7.71 MB)

GoldenExtra Area Effects of Cloud Seeding (961 KB)

DeleneObservations of In-situ Cloud Condensation Nuclei and Satellite Cloud Droplet Effective Radius during the POLCAST4 Field Project in North Dakota

NelsonMicrowave Profiling Radiometer Data in the San Juan Mountain Range in Colorado (4.25 MB)

GriffithAn Evaluation of an Operational Winter Cloud Seeding Program:  Santa Barbara and Southern San Luis Obispo Counties, California(1.69 MB)

Fischer“You want me to do WHAT? – Challenges of Weather Modification Pilot Training and Hiring (1.04 MB)

BreedA Climatology of Seeding Criteria in the Central Colorado Mountains:  Preliminary Results (4.45 MB)

Blestrud A Field Campaign to Validate High Resolution WRF Modeling:  Payette River Basin (8.9 MB)

GeertsEvidence of the Impact of Glaciogenic Seeding on Orographic Clouds and Precipitation:  Results from ASCII (8.8 MB)

DeFeliceTechnology Innovations in Weather Modification – XV (1.8 MB)

Axisa:  A New Instrument to assist Pilots and Meteorologists with Targeting Clouds during Airborne Operations

FlanaganA Review of Texas Weather Modification Operations, Research and Outreach in 2013 (1.37 MB)

ColumbieDual Cloud Seeding Operations in Texas:  An Update (748 KB)

Santiago, Chile Semi-Annual Meeting -- 2013

Below are the presentations that were given in Santiago, Chile. The presentations are in PDF format

Axisa: Aircraft Measurements of Aerosols, Clouds, and Precipitation in Weather Modification Feasibility Studies (3.75 MB)

Delene: Techniques to Enhance Rainfall: Theory, Application and Evaluation

Schneider: Impacts of Cloud Seeding on Agricultural Crops in North Dakota (7.87 MB)

Ruiz: Managing Cloud Seeding Opeations in Texas for thre Past Fifteen Years: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Bruintjes: A Critical Review of the Design, Execution, and Evaluation of Cloud Seeding Experiments to Enhance Precipitation (2.88 MB)

Delene: The North Dakota Hygroscopic Seeding Research Project

Baumgardner: Next Generation Cloud Particle Spectrometers for Research and Seeding Aircraft (2.7 MB)

Ruiz: Numbers and More: How do we Evaluate Cloud Seeding Operations in Texas?

Ryan: Update: The Colorado Basin States Cooperative Weather Modification Programs (3.6 MB)

Boe: Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding to Increase Orographic Preciptiation (3.10 MB)

Cotton: Potential Impacts of Dust and Wintertime Preciptation in the Rocky Mountains (2 MB)

Griffith: Northern Chile Cloud Seeding Feasibility/Desgin Study (1.2 MB)

De Raga: Inadvertent Modification of Preciptiation in Mexico City: Aerosol Pollution or Changes in Land Use?

Gunkelman: History of the Use of Flares and the Development of Hygrscropic Flares in Conjunction with NCR

Golden: Brief Overview of Worldwide Weather Modification Projects and Recent Reexamination of Extra Area Effects from Cloud Seeding (4.03 MB)

Tilley: Desert Research Institute's Cloud Seeding Programs: Results for Water year 2013 (4.29 MB)

Ahlness: Airborne Cloud Seeding for Hail Suppression in North America (3.75 MB)

Cotton: On the Response of Hailstorms to Enhanced CCN Concentrations (1.82 MB)


San Antonio, Texas Annual Meeting -- 2013

Below are the presentations that were given at the San Antonio, Texas meeting. The presentations are in PDF format.

Griffith: Winter "Cloud Seeding Windows" and Potential Influences of Targeted Mountain Barriers (1.47 MB)

Delene: Comparison of Pilot and Aircraft Integrated Meteorological Measurement System (AIMMS) Cloud Base Updrafts (3.31 MB)

Nelson: Microwave Profiler Observations of Super-Cooled Liquid Water during Cloud Seeding Efforts in Gunnison Valley (6.67 MB)

Weston: Low-level Stability during Winter Storms in the Unita Basin of Utah: Potential Impacts on Ground-Based Cloud Seeding (1.83 MB)

Delene: Analysis of Cloud Condensation Nuclei Measurements Conducted during the Polarimetric Cloud Analysis and Seeding Test (POLCAST) Projects (16.5 MB)

Ruiz: Morphological Analysis of Seeding Signals in Texas 2004-2012 (755 KB)

Flanagan: Texas Weather Modification Operations in 2012 (2.33 MB)

Movies for Flanagan Presentation (WMV format):

South Texas Seeding Animation (4.13 MB)

Southwest Texas Seeding Animation (1.73 MB)

Panhandle Seeding Animiation (1.28 MB)

Bruintjes: A New Look at Statistical Evaluation of Cloud Seeding Experiments (3.83 MB)


Las Vegas, Nevada Annual Meeting -- 2012

Below are the presentations that were given at the Las Vegas, Nevada meeting. The presentations are in PDF format.

Cotton: Potential Aerosol Impacts on Water Resources in Colorado River Basin (1.23 MB)

DeFelice: CCN Measurment Basics for Weather Modification Operations and New Technologies

Delene et al.: Airborne Measurments during the POLCAST Field Projects in North Dakota (29.7 MB)

Ware et al.: Supercooled Liquid Density and Temperature Sensing for Weather Modification (2.53 MB)

Langerud:The ASCE/EWRI Atmospheric Water Management Standards Comittee: An Update on Standards and Guidelines (530 KB)

Yorty et al.: Low-level Atmospheric Stablity during Icing Periods in Utah and Implications for Winter Ground-Based Cloud Seeding (955 KB)

List: Weather Modification and Climate Change Modeling

Rosenfeld and Woodley: New Interactive Aircraft and Satellite Methodologies for the Definition of Seeding Potential, Seeding Strategies and Seeding Effects; GeneralPrinciples and Specific Examples

Bruintjes: Aerosol Affects on the Microphysical of Preciptiation Development in Tropical and Sub-tropical Convective Clouds using Dual-polarization Radar and Airborne Measurements

Ruiz et al.: Comments on Current Dual Cloud Seeding Operations in Texas (1.73 MB)

Ruiz et al.: Droughts, Dust and Cloud Seeding Operations in Texas (1.02 MB)

Jennings et al.: Texas Weather Modification Operations in 2011 (1.33 MB)

Jennings et al.: A Proposal to Begin Warm Cloud Seeding in West Texas using Hygroscopic Flares (1.58 MB)

Marler et al.: PG&E's Lake Almanor Cloud Seeding Project: Recent Challenges (1.31 MB)

Roos: Water Year 2012 in California; Is this the start of a new drought? (1.25 MB)

Gilbert and Boe: An Update from the Alberta, Canada Hail Project (4.35 MB)

Huggins et al.: Ultra-Trace Chemical Measurments from the Snowy Hygro, Australia Randomized Cloud Seeding Experiment (2.46 MB)

Tsagalidis et al.: Hailstorms in Northern Greece (2.89 MB)

Berthet et al.: Recent improvements in the French Hail Prevention Project and its Evaluation (2.89 MB)

Murakami: Japanese Cloud Seeding Experiment for Precitpiation Augmentation (8.87 MB)


Park City, Utah Annual Meeting -- 2011

Below are the presentations from the Park City, Utah meeting. The presentations are in PDF format.

Griffith et. al -- A winter operational cloud seeding program in the upper Gunnison river basin, Colorado (1.38 MB)

Stone et. al -- The San Joaquin cloud seeding program: program capabilities and preliminary results from the 2009 and 2010 winter seasons (10.11 MB)

Baumgardner & KokIdentifying cloud glaciations: single particle light depolarization (1.61 MB)

Weston et. alAnalysis of mountain ridge ice detector measurements in Utah during the 2009-2010 winter season (1.70 MB)

DetwilerSome considerations concerning the efforts of artificially-injected ions on aerosol and cloud microphysical processes (865 KB)

Golden et. al The rise and fall of HAMP (1.31 MB)

Schneider & LangerudOperational improvements on the North Dakota cloud modification project (5 MB)

Kucera et. alPolarimetric radar analysis of hygroscopic seeding of clouds in eastern North Dakota (2.07 MB)

Ruiz-Columbié et. alUnderstanding hail in Texas (2.49 MB)

Peak et. al – Accounting for spatiotemporal variation of rainfall measurements when evaluating ground-based methods of weather modification (5.44 MB)

Ruiz-Columbié et. al Non-intentional weather modification in the Gulf of Mexico: a brief case study (11 MB)

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